How to Make Money online with an Affiliate Website


How to make money online with an affiliate website is a big puzzle for many people who are not familiar with the online world. Other people are aware of what goes on and the exchange of money for goods without meeting the shopkeeper. In this post, I would like to convey the message that making money online is very possible.

There are many people who think they have no other alternative to quitting their nine to five jobs even if their salaries do not meet the required standard for clearing major bills that include education or medical. Other people do not enjoy their jobs. In other words they do not experience any job satisfaction. One would be right to say many people do not enjoy financial freedom that includes traveling far or out of the country to experience what it means to be a tourist who would not need to ask for permission from their bosses.

Most of the financially independent people had received a good inheritance which they managed very well and improved upon it. Others began from the scratch by investing much time and money into building an empire of some kind in order to experience financial freedom.

It is plain truth today that people find it easier to succeed building a business online than that of a brick wall. Why is it like this? This is simply because it is very expensive to start an offline business. Apart from this, it takes years for it to be established and let the owner enjoy financial freedom. However, it is not so with online business.

Online business may be started even when you have very little money or nothing at all. For example, at wealthy, you can embark on a business as a free starter. In other words, you can join affiliate marketing and build a website in less than three minutes. You would be allowed to build another website with ease and have your business running and hosted by Word Press. Inside the members’ area, you could have more than a million people receiving training and sharing ideas freely.

Below is a testimony from one of the affiliate marketer sharing her testimony within the platform of Wealthy Affiliate to prove that you can start earning online money even before you complete your training. By the time you finish the course, you would be a headway in comparison to those who have started building their business offline:

About AmyHD

Joined November 2018


The 1-3-5-7 Formula for Success?

“It takes about 1 year to learn the basic skills in any business.

It takes about 3 years of working a business part-time to create a full-time income.

It takes about 5 years of working a business part-time to earn a six-figure income.

It takes about 7 years of working a business part-time to become a professional, a top earner.“

—Eric Worre (also chuckholmes)

So, hang in there.

You will see good results faster if you put more time and effort into your work.

“Work while they Sleep.

Learn while they Party.

Save while they Spend.

Then live like They Dream.”
—Daniel Riemann

Update: 3-5-2019, Second website has been indexed.

Update: 2-12-2019, WA ranking broke 200.

Update: 12-12-2018, My first website has been indexed.

Hi everyone. My name is Amy. I’m from Beijing of China. I’ve moved into America 8 years ago. It has been an adventure and a challenge for me. Everything is different. But I love it here. I love the people, I love the environment, also I love the fact that I can get more opportunities.

Now I want to start a new journey that has my own online business and I want to be successful. I know it’s not easy as I’m a newbie, also English is my second language, it’s not perfect. So there is so much to learn.

I’m so excited to join WA community and look forward to learning more. I am willing to and ready to put all my effort to achieve my goals.

My First Real Sale!

Last Update: May 18, 2019


Affiliate 0

About 10 days back, someone has purchased some products on Amazon through my website, but they were cancelled before shipping. So that was nothing.

This morning I surprisingly saw 8 new orders in my Amazon Associates account and 3 of them already shipped.

Not only that, but I also earned nealy $2 from Google AdSense in two days.

These are all because of the move I made two days ago.

Here is the post I wrote on WA that explained what I did.


Yesterday I posted an article on that same forum. The article was about my own experience related to my niche topic.

I didn’t put my website link directly in the article as I am a new member so I didn’t want to make it too obvious.

However, there were many comments and some of them were questions. So I did the same thing as the first one– I answered the questions and also linked my website in them.

Guess what? that single post received over 30,000 views. The result was, more traffic to my website.

If I put my site link in the main post, the traffic would be insane.

I certainly don’t mean to brag, it has nothing to brag about.

What I learned was, find your real audiences, then try your best to engage.

This is still new to me. I need to keep trying to find the best strategy so it will last longer.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


From Amy’s experience with her online business, you can see that it has not taken her long to see the fruits of her hard work. Hardly six months down the lane, she begins getting excited about the definite sight of financial freedom. With Wealthy Affiliate, I can assure you that, once you join, you will be on your way to the kind of financial fredom that would be far beyond your expectations. Here are two possible paths you can use to enjoy your stay at Wealthy Affiliate.

Actually, this is my number one option for making money online with an affiliate website. With the instant millionaire websites like Five MInutes Profit Site, Profit with Alex and many other “FAKE’ websites, they will leave you crying with their upsells after enticing you to join them with as little membership fee as $37. Be aware of them and run away quickly from them. They promise you to gain precious stones from their sites, but you should not believe them as they will end up giving you gravel. There are many success stories at Wealthy Affiliate and I shall endeavor presenting them one by one or two by two. Become a successful online business person and the time is now. That is why we believe at Wealthy Affiliate that making money online isn’t magic, but it is there for whoever wants to succeed online.

Tell me why you should not fire your boss because the outcome of the money you shall make online may go beyond what your annual income is. In certain circumstances, your monthly salary may be realized in less than a week. You need to take a bold decision now and start your journey towards your financial freedom. You can join the Wealthy Affiliate community freely by clicking on the photo below;

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