This is the Wealthy Affiliate Review from behind the Scenes 1 in my quest to try and convince people that the Wealthy Affiliate platform is my number one recommendation for anybody wanting to earn money online.

According to April, 2019 statistics from the World Bank basing on the latest 2015 figures, ten percent of the world’s population lived on less than US$1.90 per day compared to eleven percent in 2013. Other authoritative global statisticians peg the world’s total population to be at 7.5 billion people. Fifty percent of this population lives on less than US$2.5 per day. The poorest people, 1.8 billion of them, have their water outside their yards from fifty metres to one kilometer away.

In  other words, all I am trying to say is that there is a big opportunity of earning money online with the idea that the poverty levels in the world would reduce drastically. This would be so because many people (about 99.98%) who start their journey with Wealthy Affiliate end up being financially independent. In this way some become employers thereby reducing the poverty levels in the world.

This is the more reason why I am urging the public to think of earning money online while I bring you ordinary people from within the Wealthy Affiliate Community who are on their way to financial freedom because they believed in what Kyle and Carson teaches. Here is one interesting figure from Wealthy Affiliate whom you can learn something from in order to be inspired. She is well known as Debs66:

  About Debs66

Joined November 2016

 Premium Top 50  Rank 26 


Updated Bio.
I joined Wealthy Affiliate back in November 2016. I was totally clueless on everything I needed to build out an online business.

I knew the moment I came to Wealthy Affiliate I was in the right place. I upgraded immediately.

Do you know when I first started out I was in awe of the people that could answer my questions.

I always wanted to be able to help people too. I thought I am never going to be as clever as that. 

I have achieved Ambassador status 4 times now. I don’t ever get to stay there for long as I just have too much to do. 

I never in a million years thought I would do as well as I have done. I have gone from being a complete newbie to owning my own online businesses. 

I have been able to travel and I am able to give my children extras and I am able to treat my dear old Dad bless him. 

My kids are so proud of me. They know the hours I put in and the training I have done. 

I have succeeded where I never thought I could. I am more proud of myself because I didn’t need to bend any rules. I did it all by the book. 

Sticking to the training is what I have done. I have learned an absolute abundance of stuff. I will continue to learn. 

Wealthy Affiliate changed my life and I have to say I love every single step I take. I cannot thank this platform enough for what it has done for me. 

I wish you all the best and hope you achieve all you want and more. 

Debs 🙂


$3.875 K for the month of January. Life Just Got Better again all Down to Wealthy Affiliate.

Last Update: February 07, 2019


 Affiliate  0

3.875 K For the Month Of January. Thank you, Wealthy Affiliate!

Hi, Wealthy Affiliate family,

I just wanted to give you all an update on what is happening in my Wealthy Affiliate world. Last month has been quite a roller coaster ride. (This month has surpassed all my expectations even more so and it’s just beginning.

After the local business listing I was working with came to a close as the Parking Spaces is now been turned into a big shopping center. I wasn’t sure what path I would take next. I had a few cards up my sleeves but things have taken a complete turn for me.

I have now been asked to work for two different companies doing exactly what I did before with Parking Spaces London. They are both parking lots. One is underground in Canary wharf and the other is located in Strattford near the Olympic village. I will do the same as I did before.

One of the companies will be working closely with TV Crews and location managers. I love doing that. The other one will be on Classic car storage and also in normal parking and a car wash. I will earn from the Website but I will also earn 20% commissions once again on all that I bring into these parking lots.

These Websites are going to be so much better than my first one.

Now I have more knowledge and more understanding in the Local marketing sector. The new websites will be more efficient. I was a complete newbie at everything from building a website to generating traffic with my first ever website. Yet I did so well. I must have done because. I was contacted by these companies without even advertising myself.

I was going to take myself in a complete new direction after Parking spaces London closed but that has now been put on hold for the time being. I am just too busy for that at the moment. I am actually really excited about what this New Year has in store for me. I have my work cut out as I have to go against the BIG BOYS in the same industry.

These companies pay thousands and thousands to SEO experts. They claim the top pages in Google Yahoo and Bing. So I need to bypass all of them. They also have big expert marketing teams behind them. I don’t have no expert team in my office.

However, I have something even bigger than them behind me. In fact this team behind me are the absolute best. Here they are. Starting off with Jaaxy the free Jaaxy Lite Keyword search tool I use and it has tons more benefits too.

Meet the excellent Team that keeps me above the Big Boys and the competition. 

JAAXY are going to be the absolute number one tool I will use to reverse engineer my competition. Jaaxy will also give me the best keyword tools to kick the big boys of the top spots in google yahoo and Bing and the rest. I will be doing all this and the articles I write in Site Content that way I am notified instantly when I am ranked in Google Yahoo and Bing. Instantly Via Email.

I can also see the page and the position I am at in Google, yahoo and Bing with Jaaxy. Those emails I will get are the best feeling in the world. I will share all the screenshots with you every time I am ranked so you can see if I can kick the Big Boys off the top spots.

“How am I sure I can do this?” I hear you ask. I am sure because I have done it time and time again before with the last local business. You can see those in my last posts here in Wealthy Affiliate. Not only that I have more Knowledge now and a better understanding of my Business.

What else do I have behind me?

Wealthy Affiliate Training and a Live training Chief. JAY @Magistudio

Yes I have all this excellent training to keep me up to date and to keep me above the rest of my competition. With all the expert training I have from Kyle and Carson and the live training from Jay our Training chief. I also have the added extra training from some brilliant Wealthy Affiliate members.

@MarionBlack. Marion is a real tech geek and I love all her training. I always go to Marion for training if I don’t understand something. Marion has this superb way of explaining things in Layman terms. You should check her training if you haven’t already.

I also have you awesome lot to help me out if I need any help. Without all of you here to support each other most would not know where to turn. We have the most amazing Pay it forward community here.

Website Support this is so important for me and should be for you all. Never over look the absolute excellent service we have with these Guys and Girls.

Site Support an absolute must have to all Our BusinessesSite Support are so essential to all our Businesses.

Site support are the behind the scenes team we never get to meet. They keep all our websites on track. If we fluff up our sites these guys fix them for us. These guys fix all our sites almost immediately which is essential for our businesses. Imagine waiting for Website support many companies make you wait days on end. Not Site-Support here at Wealthy Affiliate they are superb and super quick.

If we had to wait a few days that could and would kill our businesses. Lucky for us all here we have that excellent service included in our Premium memberships. I really appreciate these guys and girls they are brilliant and so very helpful. A massive asset to our businesses. They work so hard for all of us SITE-SUPPORT are all amazing.

My WordPress Website.

The Websites I have are amazing and highly customizable. I have 3.000+ themes and endless plugins to choose from all within the Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate. An absolute blip at $49 a month or even less if you pay 6 monthly or Yearly. That’s without the tons of extras we get already. 

I have an absolute excellent team behind me. Better than any big team that any company could ever have.

I don’t even have to pay out thousands for the help, training and support I get here. That keeps me well above the big boys. I am a Yearly member so I get this even cheaper. So can each and everyone of you. .

I have all of you too. An amazing super helpful community. I love you Guy’s/Girl’s..

You are all brilliant and supportive. I have all the training essential to all of my businesses. I have all the extra training from some fabulous long term members. I have Jaaxy and I have Kyle and Carson in my Pm and here if I ever need them. I have Site-support Site-content. Grammar checker too.

You will not get this anywhere else. Wealthy Affiliate isn’t just for Affiliate Marketers. It’s for any online business you choose to be in. That’s why I don’t fail. That’s why I earn good money every month. That’s why I am head-hunted from local businesses. That’s without advertising myself at all.

If you think Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t work. Well think again because it does. If I did it so can you.

If it doesn’t work it’s because you don’t want to put in the work to achieve anything. It’s as simple as that. You want the riches overnight without doing any work. Forget it and go and buy a lottery ticket then. You will never achieve anything thinking like that. You need to work at this and work hard you will.

Take it from me a none tech savvy total ditsy in the beginning. From a broke down trodden Mom to being my own boss and earning an excellent living. Those hours I put in fly by so fast because I love everything I do. (I just need more hours lol.)

Heck Yes Wealthy Affiliate works so does Jaaxy and the rest. I have a Brilliant team behind me!

To top it off. I have two Sites of my own. My Own personal Websites.

One website is working on its own in the background and is growing in traffic. Even though, I can’t give it the real attention it needs. It’s working. So that is an extra little money making machine I have in the background. The other one is waiting for my attention. It’s also ticking over nicely.

The latter will turn into my biggest money maker of all I know it will. It’s there turning over quite happily. A little like an ATM cash Machine. Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. It runs like the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. Open all day every day even on holidays. 🙂

Have a very successful year all of you in 2019.

Wealthy Affiliate does work! You better believe it.

We don’t just build websites.

Wealthy Affiliate Help Us Build

Our Very Own Online Money Making Businesses.

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NicholaJames Premium 25 minutes ago

Great job Deb! Simply awesome! Onwards and upwards!
Continued success to you!

Kind regards,

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AHost-Madsen Premium Top 200 13 days ago

You rock Debs!!

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ceplang Premium Follow Me 17 days ago

I am really happy with your success, you are an inspiration.
I hope you achieved your goals and more.

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JMatonge1 Premium 17 days ago

Congratulations Debs. That is awesome.

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Have you found the above stated testimony from Debs66 interesting? I have included my comment on her page to encourage her to keep on inspiring the newbies who are the beginners in online business. You, too, can sign freely with Wealthy Affiliate and begin your journey towards your financial freedom. Other websites can disappoint you, but not Wealthy Affiliate. If you are still in doubt, you can look forward to another publication of more members’ testimonies from me. Take care.


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