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This is Wealthy Affiliate Review from Behind the Scenes 2 which is a continuation of writings and comments within the Wealthy Affiliate community. One of my many heroines who are making money online and is of great inspiration to me is the lady called Grace, but well known to the Wealthy Affiliate community as Littlemama. She is one of the ordinary women from an ordinary world, but has become a super affiliate inspiring many newbies and convincing them that earning money online is achievable to whoever wants to earn money online.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present to you the exciting story of a lady who has despised all odds to become one of the super affiliates in a world dominated by menfolk:

About Littlemama
Joined September 2016
Premium Ambassador Rank 12
UPDATE SEP 6, 2018:

Success!!! Just shy of being here 2 years, I have reached Super Affiliate status on Aug 23, 2018 within the WA community!

I am still learning today as much as ever on this platform and the community never seems to fail me.

I write this after going through very nerve wrecking things for my online business and the community rushed to my rescue as well as top experts and the owners!

You just cannot find this kind of HELP & SUPPORT with any other training platform, system, or program and I know this because I’ve reviewed hundreds of programs on my website that got me to my Vegas goal and there’s simply nothing else better out there than WA!

YES I’m bias because it’s TRUE, I’m living proof the training works here and anyone who wants to work hard at this on a consistent basis could make this work.

If a stay at home mom can do this, so can YOU!!

Now get to work and know that success is right in front of you to GRAB IT!


Hello! I’m Grace, mom of two girls & wife to an awesome man, living in the USA and I want to get serious with this making money online business!! I want to make some real steady income so I can financially contribute to my family. I’ve created two online shops of handmade products before I joined WA, but I want to create something else that is less time/labor intensive and create a passive income. I feel I’m at the right place as I’m finally learning what I should be learning and not getting sucked into all those online scams that don’t offer real learning content.

I have set some goals when I started here and I hope I can achieve them in due time. I’m so excited to be here and can see that with all the support/training here, I don’t think I can lose! Success is right there in front of me, I just have to go out and GRAB IT! 🙂

Wishing everyone here much success!!
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  3. 2018 Year In Review: $40K Thank You WA! Happy New Year!
  4. 2018 Year In Review: $40K Thank You WA! Happy New Year!
    Last Update: January 02, 2019
    466 Affiliate 0

Happy New Year my WA friends!
I hope everyone had a great holiday season and ready to rock it here in 2019!
As I have been doing, I’ve been updating my progress here since I started and so I’d love to do a 2018 in review post here to summarize my year with final results, as this is my biggest year so far, totaling $40K in revenue:

I started here in Sep/16 and my first full calendar year, I didn’t do too well revenue-wise but this is how it goes when you’re building your online business.
Mid 2017 was when I really started writing a lot more on my blog, daily in fact, and continued to do so throughout 2018 with some slow down in the latter part of 2018.
If it wasn’t for that ramp up in 2017, there’s no way I would have made what I made in 2018.
If you’re new to this online business, know that you don’t get paid for the work you do today but you will get paid when you have established enough trust with your audience by providing and creating enough valuable content to them.
Content will always be king whether you write it or record it in a video form and the more you can create, the more visitors you will attract, the more money you make.

I still publish about 5 posts a week and have over 600 posts on my blog now and received almost 370K visitors in 2018.

Income Breakdown:
Here’s the breakdown of my income that I’ve been using to be consistent:

And if I used WA reporting to proof my numbers:

Jaaxy is very little as you can see. 🙂
This is from my Mediavine dashboard which I started only in May/18, these are the display ads on my site:

Averaging 4 digits a month just for ads! Totally truly passive after initial setup!
However, this ad network only allows sites who’s sessions are over 25,000 and even then, it’s not a guaranteed shoe-in.
Make sure you’re branding your business nicely and have at least 1 or 2 social media accounts that might help.

2018 In Summary:
• Achieved 4 digit income in Mar/18
• Achieved Vegas Super Affiliate Conference in Aug/18
• Over 600 blog posts
• 369K visitors
• $40K highest income year 2018
• $7.9K highest income month in Nov/18
• One website – Started Sep/16
I think you can call my income for 2018 a “full time” income since some people do make that much a year.
But if you have seen my 2019 goals, this is far from what I want to achieve.
I want to build a 6 figure income this year and that means more than doubling my 2018 income.
I really hope I can do this and give you guys a better “2019 Year In Review” post!

Advice To New Members:
When you come to WA, you’re not just going to “see” if you can make money online. You absolutely have the blueprint to follow in the training here to build an online business just like mine or BETTER.
There are many members here who do way better than me, make way more money than what I’ve reported above.
This is just to let you see what’s possible if you really dive into the training and really learn this business.
The training alone will not get you to success though.
YOU will be a BIG factor in the success of your online business.
YOU need to be able to:
• Follow closely to the training & DO the tasks
• Ask questions if you’re stuck
• Be able to also be resourceful & find your own answers
• Persistence in finding your answers
• Consistently work on your online business, at least 15 – 20 hours a week
• Create high quality valuable content
• Be willing to work without pay!
There’s no sugar coating anyting with this online business, it’s just pure “you reap what you sow” and you DON’T “reap” quickly or instantly.
The last point is very important and if you look at my history above (or read my posts on my profile), you will see I had to put in a lot of work in building my business in 2017 to reach the income I have in 2018.
Some people can achieve what I have in much shorter time but also many who haven’t reached their first dollar in 2 years time as well.
Therefore, when and how much you’ll make in your online business highly depend onyou and how badly you want an online business to be churning out money like the way mine does.
I hope seeing my 2018 results will motivate and inspire you to work even harder in 2019 to reach your goals!
If I’m your Premium Coach, REACH OUT FOR HELP!!
I’m always here for everyone but especially those who have me as their Premium Coach (see Help Center, I should be listed there beside the owners), do not sit there and be stuck.
Everyone also has WA’s incredibly helpful community so there’s no excuse not to get help here.
Reach out for help and get onto the path of success!!

Wishing You All The BEST 2019!

Joined January 2014

Premium Ambassador Rank 10
Wealthy Affiliate Online Business Community Ambassador March 2019, Legal Nurse Consultant Services: President and Owner of Nurse Becca Consulting Specialty Medical-legal Research
RN Oversight and Supervision for assisted living mental health facilities
Specialty Pharmacy Nursing Network Premier Start and Specialty Infusion RN
Workman’s Compensation Legal Nurse Consultant
BXU Coach
Future Dr. Of Pharmacology
Teachable Creator, nbced.teachable.com, Teachable Affiliate

Sold Out!
Last Update: April 17, 2019

Affiliate 0

Yes ! Sold Out !!!! Time for updates to share with progress on building success on Wealthy Affiliates. This is a reflection I had while updating No One Likes Pricks campaign. It is amazing to update a device to find out the product is sold out.
Another great accomplishment is a new release of videos on my website and for Wealthy Affiliate Ultimate Guide to 10,000 Golden Nuggets. I had a dream to try dipping the scrumptious nuggets in the 7 Ingredient Secret Sauce by Kyle. Okay this might be corny but it is true because without his training, I would have not known many lessons.
Over the past 6 months, I learned how to:
• Build a bloggable website,
• Add in affiliate links,
• Bird dog affiliate programs,
• Create my own affiliate program for my company’s online school,
• Discovered how to make Site Health measure into green,
• Connected with 10,000 people here at WA!!!
• Completed Online Entrepreneur Certification,
• Kicked Bootcamp in the Butt on Spring Break,
• Become an Ambassador of WA to help others
• Make Ads on many online platforms,
• Get my own domain,
• Release a new campaign to give away a free product which has just sold out!
• Honor And privilege of helping Wealthy Affiliates build dreams
• Assisting with going for a comfortable retirement of a lovely nurse who spent so many years teaching so many. Pat taught me the value of mentorship inspiring a term coined Bag Elegance, which is a method of bag technique for nurses outlined to prevent the spread of illness.
One fear I had was making videos, much like test anxiety or public speaking. I created a video for my powerpoint as requested by comment from a guest on my website. Screencast and video was new to me, and I never would have had the guts or brains to do so with out the knowledge and guidance of an outstanding community called Wealthy Affiliate. One of the challenges for me is editing, but this will develop over time.
Another great chance to help made me face fear of flying and this will get better with practice. It looks like I may get some more hours up in airplanes for a few weeks. I have been summoned out to Wyoming for another adventure and it all hinges on licensure plus reciprocity. Some states welcome a list of other states to practice nursing without re-testing. This can streamline the process if someone is in need of specialty services. The part I dread about flying was easier for me to overcome with friends who kept me busy working with my WA Family to propel one another along in business. I thank you so much for the distraction and support I received.

There is an unspoken reciprocity of entrepreneurship with our Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate. I am proud to point out one benefit I have not found on any discussions, blogs or comments so far. As an Entrepreneur program and bootcamp graduate, these accomplishments are worldwide and no reciprocity requirement can stop an affiliate from networking anywhere on the planet.
Today will be my conference with a LinkedIn Consultant who offered to help promote an affiliate opportunity.
Super Affiliate Challenge with WA is a new goal to investigate and research. I wondered how to plan future Super Affiliate Challenge for myself with all the objectives required. Maybe I will be ready for this some time in the near future. Right now it is getting to be a busy agenda. I am in the list of nurses consideration to take the Specialty Infusion Nurse Certification Exam for immunoglobulins. Another top priority is planning Suicide Prevention In-Service.

I was able to interview a Master Deputy Sherriff in Kansas City who performs these high alert situations during transit for people who are incarcerated. With the input I have prepared to teach suicide prevention in a new way. This gave me the idea to suggest you could try this technique yourself with your blog or business agenda. Maybe even use this method for Super Affiliate Challenge!
Have you thought about doing an interview with someone for offering a training, creating a blog or business plan? It may be a good idea to make an inventory of questions that can spark research into getting answers from an expert to share.
People here are the most amazing, and the inspiration for starting a blog, highlighting how to do business and learning to leverage passion into a wonderful niche that I love and live for. What is the best place to say we sold out??? I am proudly here to tell you this nurse heart sold out for Wealthy Affiliate.
I wanted to share how much it warms my heart to be here, and offer to give help with accomplishing the challenges. I know if I can achieve all these things, I can also help people realize how to do this as well. I have not met a group so willing to encourage anywhere. It could be a hurt puppy, family accomplishments, challenges or fears. Whatever the case, this community cares to celebrate and support!
To pay it forward, I will give you this advice.
Action is the key, and I am here to help out and maybe spur our awesome Wealthy Affiliates a bit. If I can manage all these accomplishments, what is holding you back? All the determination in the world wont put the petal to the metal, you still have to stomp the throttle. Take Action Today and Sell Out!
I hope my notes find you well.
Thank you for your support, shares, kindness and comments, please list one action step you are working on your business today.
Now that you have read about Littlemama, you may believe me and conclude that making money online for anyone who is willing is possible and that this world can reduce unemployment in the world if people were to have financial freedom through Wealthy Affiliate. It is time you invited all your friends who are lacking financial freedom to join the winning team at Wealthy Affiliate.
Look out for more posts behind the scenes of Wealthy Affiliate. You shall meet more interesting characters.


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