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I am Joseph. I am excited that you have visited my page. You are most welcome. A friend advised me that it was possible to embark on a legitimate online business. I took him seriously and embarked on a search that made me stumble on Wealthy Affiliate after four months of intensive search. During my search, I fell victim to a number of scammers. It is the reason I have to help many people with the intention of creating online business not to be victimized by some of these shameless scammers. I will be happy to help you with any question you might have.


My offline jobs before retirement had included being a Physical Education and English Language Teacher and Administrator in the public sector while in the private sector, I was a Human Resource Manager as well as a Sports Administrator. I retired as Headmaster of a Boarding Secondary School. I have found online business interesting and very beneficial in many ways. You, too, can be a successful business person online.


With good healthy habits in mind, parents are encouraged to take their children to schools with serious co-curriculum sports activities. They should also encourage their children by buying them sports equipment, for instance a tennis racket, they can utilize at home or at the sports or playing fields near their homes. In this way parents are sending a message of being occupied with sports or recreation activities when they are not at school and they are not busy with their homework at home. The best encouragement from parents happen when they introduce their children to their own sports or recreation centers they belong to themselves. For instance, taking a child with you to the golf or tennis club arouses interest in that particular sport at a tender age and you may end up with a professional golfer or tennis player in your family.


Schools, apart from offering sporting activities, do encourage their learners to advance in their various activities by facilitating competition on local, district and state levels. In this way learners who are keen on sports have a glimpse of what hard work is involved when it comes to professional sports.



One sad thing I noticed in both the public and private sector was the absenteeism rate for workers who were not committed to some exercises or sports activities. By the end of each year, statistics showed that those who were not physically active after their hours of work missed duty more than those who were interacting with others in sports circles. For children at school, it was a similar state of affairs in that children who did not involve themselves in extra curriculum activities tended to miss important lessons due to one ailment or another.


Have you ever wondered why employers offer some sports facilities around their work places? If they do not have such sports facilities near their work places they encourage their employees to join sports or recreation centers nearby. Or have you ever wondered why categorized good schools always have physical education on their school curriculum? It is not just a question of ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JILL A DULL BOY, but it has been proved in various circles that physical exercises and participation in sports and recreation activities contribute to one’s good health and absenteeism at school or work place is reduced tremendously.



As the saying goes: An apple per day keeps the doctor away; regular excercises keep you fit enough to enable you to attend to all your yearly appointments without missing any important activities unless there has been a serious accident. Therefore, let us educate one another in maintaining good health habits to avoid missing school or work schedules due to minor ailments. We can embark on a journey of finding out how we can encourage everybody to spend time in recreation or sports activities.

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